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Personality Through Animation

When considering a re-design for their web site, Civilian Agency faced a problem: "How do we translate our culture and world-class design sense?" They had a beautiful vision for what they wanted to site to look like, but didn't have the ability to turn it into a functioning product. That's when the Chicago-based brand marketing agency gave Sefer Design Company a call.

Civilian Home Page
The Civilian home page.

The design team had developed a clean, modern aesthetic that looked incredible on paper but was missing the one ingredient most important to them: motion. What better way to demonstrate the firm's personality than with animation?

In the past, complicated animations could be achieved through the use of Adobe Flash, an old, cumbersome technology. However, among other caveats, it didn't work on mobile phones. In today's smart phone-first landscape, Flash isn't a viable option. Thanks to modern web standards, animations can now work on any device — mobile and desktop — and provide interactions with users.

Animations capture the reader's eye and reflect the personality of the agency.

In collaboration with the Civilian design team, we built a collection of fun, eye-catching animations that are peppered throughout their site. Without being intrusive, they add the little bit of "extra" the agency needed.

When building a web site, a delicate balance between clarity and personality is necessary. Presenting relevant information in it's simplest form is usually desirable, but sometimes a splash of life is required. The little things, done correctly, can do quite a bit of heavy lifting. Our work with Civilian Agency achieves just the right mixture and goes a long way in presenting the firm's culture to the world.

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