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Frequently Asked Questions

I need assistance creating/editing my site. Can you help me?

We suggest reading the Blogging For Keeps "How to Start a Blog in 5 Minutes or Less" guide and browsing the rest of the BFK blog.

Need setup help? We offer a site setup package for $300 that includes basic domain, hosting, and blog setup. Additional services can be employed on an hourly basis at $85 per hour, with a 5 hour minimum.

Can you tell me more about the 5 hour minimum?

The 5 hour minimum allows us to sink our teeth into your site and complete the desired work the right way. We are happy to discuss timelines and payment schedules that work for both of us.

The theme is great, but can you add a specific feature?

Our WordPress tools are opinionated. We think they work best for a wide range of customers as-is. There are thousands of great WordPress plugins that can enhance your site with relative ease, available in the official plugin directory. If you need something more...

I'd like a more custom look and feel. How much does that cost?

We create sites of all shapes and sizes, for a wide range of budgets. What are your goals for the site? What is your preferred aesthetic? No two sites are the same — we specialize in creating sites that fit you. We'd love to talk.

Let's build together. Get in touch.

Email us at or call (630) 204-0013.

We're @seferdesign on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.