Behind the Scenes of Sefer Design Co.

We firmly believe that great design works much like classic style — it may fade in and out of fashion, but it always feels right on the person wearing it. When we sat down and examined our old brand look, we realized it leaned heavy on the "fashion" and lacked the timeless style we strive for. Our old identity may have worked in the moment, but it no longer reflected our opinions and capabilities. It was time for a big change. We set out to create a new look and feel that made us proud, one that is reflective of who we are and who will be. Here's how we did it.

Logo Progress
Initial logo ideation

Nowadays, company logos appear on phones, laptops, projector screens, business cards, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and countless other applications. Our logo needed to be versatile, appearing legible on any medium, now and always. Our eyes tend to favor stark contrast, and in the case of our own brand, we stuck to that.

After some deliberation (and input from the crowd), we decided on a text-only logo in medium-to-heavy weight. Simple black on a white background in most uses cases, but with the ability to appear boldly white on top of almost any color.

Final logo in the Futura PT font.

With a rock solid logo finished, we turned our attention to the web. A web design and development firm better have a great web site, after all. As we do at the start of every project, we set a primary goal for the site. This may seem like an obvious first step, but without it, projects tend to be rudderless. For some businesses, the goal of the site is to receive contact from potential customers via phone, email, form submission, or elsewhere. Others simply need to show their clients they exist as a legitimate enterprise. Whatever the goal may be, all major aspects of a site should serve that purpose. Everything else can — and probably should — be left on the cutting room floor.

In the case of, most visitors to our site are potential clients who want to see that we know our stuff. Our goal was to assure those people by conveying our skillset and philosophies in as concise a package as possible.

We decided to introduce ourselves with a letter of sorts. We explain the breadth of our work, how we go about doing it, and that interested parties should get in touch with us. In thirty seconds, visitors get a high-level idea of what our company can do for them. Those who would like more detail can contact us or click the links to our case studies. No corporate-speak. No distracting video. No stock photography of a board room. Just a simple display of the information most important to potential clients. On most screens, the letter is the only visible section when the site is first loaded.

SDC Letter
An iteration of our introductory letter.

There is more to a site than the logo and introduction, of course, but we think this sets the tone for who we are and how we do things. Our brand may not be quite as recognizable as the Nike "swoosh", but we're confident it represents the quality of our work.

Want to get a deeper understanding of our process? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We're looking forward to creating bigger and better things with you.

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