Meal Plans by The College Nutritionist

Rachel Paul, widely known as “The College Nutritionist,” had built a steady private health consulting business. Along the way, she shared her knowledge on social media, eventually gaining a following of over three hundred thousand young people eager to improve their nutrition. Hoping to monetize her audience, Rachel developed a meal planning curriculum and offered it for sale on a popular digital course platform. She quickly grew frustrated with the system's limitations.

Rachel wanted to create a site that maintained the best parts of her old system (like the seamless signup process and easy content consumption), while also dramatically expanding the toolset her customers could take advantage of. Enter Sefer Design Company.

Together, we brainstormed what eventually became the centerpiece of her product: a meal planning tool that she could broadcast to customers, and also enabled the customers themselves create unique meal plans specific to their own needs and preferences.

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Modular homepage.

Meal Plans - Search
Custom search search filters.

Users can search by meal type, calories, dietary restrictions, food groups, and more. Weekly grocery lists and daily caloric intake are automatically compiled from included meals. If desired, they can even multiply portions for a given meal to account for a partner or expanded diet. Want to print an easy to read summary that can be taped to the fridge? That's in there, too.

By building from the ground up, the product functions exactly as Rachel and her customers need it to, with room for enhancements as they are presented. Thousands of happy subscribers later, she has a thriving nutrition business. As her customer base grows ever larger, Rachel can rest easy knowing that whatever is needed next, we can build it for her.

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