First Time Quality: From Outline & Prototype to Product

TA Industrial Solutions specializes in maximizing production line efficiency for finishers and metal fabricators. Many of these facilities use legacy techniques that, in modern times, slow the line down and result in frustrating redundancies. When TA saw an opportunity to help their customer base, they asked Sefer Design Co. for assistance.

Together, we set out to make a prototype product to fit the customer needs. The goal was to allow inspectors at the facilities to log new production items into the system, including meta data and imagery, and then analyze the logs to spot trends and areas for improvement.

After a period of brainstorming, we compiled a list of requirements and set out to build. In order to minimize costs and enable the application to be used across an array of device types, we focused on building the initial system as a web application. This meant it could be accessed instantly from any smartphone or tablet without needing any setup. On the factory floor, speed and ease of use are paramount.

First Time Quality
FTQ logo.
New Entry
Inspectors can make new product entries from any smart phone or tablet.
Analyze Dashboard
The Analyze dashboard allows inspectors to quickly identify common defects in their product line.

The best ideas to improve the concept came from the customers themselves. Upon completion of the initial buildout, we put the application in their hands and received positive, effective feedback that shaped the next several iterations. Mixed in with a bit of aesthetic and branding magic (we named the product First Time Quality – FTQ for short), the prototype became a real, robust product offering.

The collaborative nature of the product build out - between Sefer Design Co., TA, and their customers - resulted in a nascent but vital tool that can be improved upon for years to come. Most importantly, it allowed TA Industrial Solutions to provide a critical service to their lineup.

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